ASME B16.11 Swage Nipple
SpecificationASME B16.11 Swage Nipple
StandardsJIS B2302, MSS-SP-97 (Threadolet), MSS-SP-83 (Union), ASME B16.11 (American Standard), Bs3799, MSS SP 79, ASME B36.19 (Nipple)
Type Of Pipe systems90 Deg Elbow, Half Coupling, Street Elbow, 45 Deg Elbow, Equal tee, Full Coupling, Reducing Tee, Bull Plug, Boss, Union (Male/Female), Lateral Outlet, 45 Lateral Tee, Equal Cross, Pipe Cap, Branch Outlets, Swage Nipple.
MaterialDuplex Steel
Stainless Steel (ASTM-182)
Carbon Steel (ASTM-105)
Alloy Steel (ASTM-182)
Low Alloy Steel (ASTM-350)
Cooper Nickel
Thread ConnectionsASME B16.34 (Valves — Flanged), ASME B16.11 (Socket Welding and Threaded), MSS-SP-83 (Class Unions), ASME B16.3 (Malleable Iron Fittings), ASME B16.4 ( Gray Iron Fittings), ASME B16.39 (Malleable Iron Unions), ASME B16.39 (Malleable Iron Pipe Unions, 150#, 250#, Or 300#).
Types Of ThreadNPT, BSPP, BSPT, PF, PT, MPT
ApplicationsOil and Gas
Power station
Water Pipeline
Noncritical Applications
Fire Protection
AdvantagesSimple Usage
Easy installation
Economic as cheaper
SizeThreaded Fittings = ½” – 4”
Pressure RatingThreaded Fittings = Class 2000, Class 3000, Class 6000